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Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna

Our history

We are a young and innovative concept agency that specialises in strategic consulting, results marketing and audiovisual production. Since 2004 we have been providing specific solutions to help brands improve communication with their customers, boost their image and achieve better positioning in the market. We create everything, from soundtracks composed exclusively for customers, to consultation that will enable you to optimise your resources and stay up to date on all the latest trends. We work together in a team with the very best professionals, and are always focused on achieving the best results.

Film Production

At Borbalán we specialise in making images tell stories, and making sure that those stories say something about you. We firmly believe in the power of images as an element that is able to communicate exactly what you’re trying to say. We produce all sorts of audiovisual material: film and TV spots, corporate videos, brand videos, our own musical compositions, voice-over, speeches, radio adverts, graphic design, animation, design, and much more. We will write your story and transform it into images that truly represent you.

Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna
Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna

Online Marketing

As an agency that specialises in results marketing, we have an expert understanding of the digital approach that gives us immediate and exhaustive information regarding the results of every action we take, so we can make the best decisions. Social media strategy, data analysis, SEO, SEM, display ad campaigns, email marketing, web applications, e-Commerce, CMS, WordPress, copywriting and intranet are just some of the digital services we specialise in.

Brand Creation

We manage concept creation, branding and rebranding for companies through global management of all graphical, communication and positioning elements, with the aim of producing a prestigious and valuable element that truly represents them. We consider design to be the key deciding factor between regular and exceptional communication. Every design pursues a specific goal, which is why aesthetic and functionality always go hand in hand with our creations. We work with style guides, logos, presentations, corporate identities, packaging and illustration, among others.

Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna
Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna


We prepare and plan social media strategies for brands and companies. We choose the most appropriate media and formats to ensure that advertising messages reach the maximum number of people in the target audience, while always keeping cost to a minimum. PR, Distribution and Media Planning are just some of our skills.

Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna Bernat Vidal

Agencies today must be more than just places that create campaigns. Marketing now needs to put the spotlight on the customer and focus its strategy on their entire life cycle: from the desire, to the purchase and then finally the after-sales service. One of the most important concepts we work with today is the ‘buyer persona’. We should always have in mind who we are targeting; their needs, their desires, their expectations and their experience is key to a brand's success. At Borbalán we have a fantastic team of professionals who are always ready to grow, adapt and improve

Bernat Vidal – CEO & Co-Founder

Our Team

Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna Chemi Revert

Chemi Revert


tel. +34 971 729 457

Chemi is responsible for the creative side of the business and always looks at things with a unique perspective. His ability to provide ideas and propose new concepts brings originality to every proposal.

Xisco Cortés


tel. +34 971 729 457

Xisco manages the financial side of the business and is responsible for keeping the company in good financial health, making sure the numbers always balance up.

Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna Xisco Cortés

You can contact Borbalán
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e-mail: / tel.: +34 971 729 457


Calle pomar 4, 07010 Establiments, Palma de Mallorca


Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00

Mallorca Platinum Borbalan Laterna

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