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Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air
Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air

About our company

Based in Germany, Excellent Air GmbH offers business and private aviation with first-class comfort since 2014. We have Europe’s largest fleet of Cessna Citation Jets with dynamic growth, flexibility and a 24/7 dedicated service team. With our fleet being perfectly suited to Europe’s geography and having grown to 18 jets by the end of 2021, you can reach regional airports that cannot be served by commercial airlines. Our sales specialists, pilots, operations and maintenance experts are regularly trained together to achieve the maximum result in customer satisfaction, efficiency and safety

A flexible way to travel

Whether you are traveling from one business appointment to the next, would like to discover secluded beaches with your loved ones or go for a skiing trip in the mountains – combine the benefits and flexibility of business jets opposite from large airline companies. Stay relaxed and come as close to your destination as possible at any time of your preference.

Avoid large terminals and bypass airport queues – your private jet awaits you aside from all the hazzle. Check-in to your flight as little as 15 minutes prior to take-off and enjoy private boarding lounges with simplified immigration. In conjunction with a commercial flight, we organize a VIP board-to-board service to get you comfortably to and from your private jet flight.

Simply enjoy traveling – without detours, delays, or stress.

Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air
Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air

Every flight is personalized

Our name says it all –we strive to deliver pure excellence by providing high-quality service and creating unique travel experiences. Our team of specialists realize your travel plans 24 hours a day on 365 days a year. Every flight is carefully tailored to your individual requirements or your personal preference. Whether you wish to work on board, relax or have a quiet conversation – our professional crew makes sure you enjoy your journey and feel cared for on board.

Upon request we can organize an exclusive limousine for you with a private chauffeur – get to the airport, your business meeting or hotel stress-free, quickly and in comfort. When it comes to your culinary well-being, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from serving only the finest cuisine on board. And should your furry family members be joining you, we will ensure they enjoy themselves and feel at home whilst with us.

On request, we offer flights for express freight – just in time for your production processes.

Whatever you need, we have got you covered!

Excellent service under one roof

Our fleet of eleven Cessna Citation Jets, with seven more in the pipeline for 2021, are perfectly located throughout Europe, allowing the highest levels of flexibility, combined with short positioning times. These twin-engined business jets are available in four categories – CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3 and CJ4 carrying a maximum of eight passengers. Elegant cabin finishes provide optimum levels of comfort.

The exceptionally high technical standard of our fleet is due to consistent and preventive maintenance carried out by our own engineering department as well as close collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer Cessna. As experts of this aircraft type, we know every jet in detail and guarantee you highest safety standards and maximum reliability.

Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air
Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air

Our Partnerships

Partnered with XS International as one of our official limousine service providers, we aim to ensure the best service purely in terms of safety, comfort and customer service. Highly trained security drivers ready to take you to your venue and to act as a bodyguard – quality service guaranteed from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Dreaming of a vacation on a sail or motor yacht? Our partnership with Superior Yachting allows you to make your dream come true. Stress free chartering with a superior touch right after you disembark our aircraft. Allow us to take you there and help craft an unforgettable experience.

Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air

With over ten years of business aviation experience I am currently the COO of Excellent Air GmbH. My first steps into the company happened after having obtained my commercial pilot license and dispatcher training. At the time there was no vacancy in the cockpit hence I was in charge to establish the sales and operations department manned at the time only by myself. At the beginning Excellent Air GmbH had two aircraft and less than ten employees. Soon, I started flying on the Cessna Citation Jet (CJ) as captain, but my former CEO had greater plans for me. I was rotating through every single department to gain the bigger picture and to get me to the position where I am standing now. It fills me with pride to see that we transferred from a start-up to Europe’s largest CJ operator with huge potential to grow in the next years.

Manuel Grimm – COO


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e-mail: vip@excellentair.de / tel: +49 8331 756 9363




Businesspark Süd, Am Flughafen 44, 87766, Memmingerberg


24/7, 365 days a year

Mallorca Platinum Excellent Air

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