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Founded in 1890
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Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá
Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá
Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá
Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá

Our story

Family owned construction firm which, since 1890, has been able to adapt to the latest trends to lead the construction sector in the Balearic Islands. We have 3 business units: Ferrá TurBaltyc and Protech, through which we cover all the needs of the sector.

Our high quality criteria and our concern for the satisfaction of our customers set us apart. Thanks to our professionalism and comprehensive advice, today we are the leading high-end homes and hotels building firm. The commitment to continuous improvementplanning,  teamwork, direct and transparent communication,  safety and sustainability are the basic cornerstones of our corporate culture.

Specialisation from the first step

Our services range from construction of new buildings, refurbishment and civil works to maintenance of all types of buildings and management in terms of safety and health.

To offer a personalised experience and achieve the total satisfaction of our customers, our activity is divided into 3 business units: Ferrá Tur, Baltyc and Protech. Each of these units is specialised in a specific construction area.

Ferrá Tur focuses on the construction of all types of new buildings, while Baltyc specialises in comprehensive refurbishments of all kinds and Protech offers health and safety services on construction sites for building companies.

Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá

Construction of new buildings

At Ferrá Tur, we carry out the construction of all types of new buildings in a comprehensive way and with the highest level of thoroughness and quality, including civil works projects.

Thanks to its path as the parent company of Grupo Ferrá, this business unit has positioned itself as a leading high-end housing firm and in the construction and refurbishment of hotels.

Our quality standards are so high that the best architects, technicians and suppliers – local, national and international – see us as the perfect partner for the execution of their projects.

Comprehensive refurbishments of all kinds

Baltyc is the group’s company specialised in comprehensive, refurbishments of all types of buildings, as well as maintenance and facilities.

From this division, we cover our customers’ most demanding requests, always meeting the quality standards of Grupo Ferrá, which are applied in the development, planning, construction and maintenance of buildings, including all their facilities, both mechanical and electrical.

Some of the refurbishments we have successfully undertaken in the Balearic Islands are  historic buildings in the centre of Palma, luxurious villas and hotels across the island.

Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá
Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá

Safety and health on site

With Protech, the third company in the group, we respond to the needs of construction companies in terms of safety and health on site.

In order to offer services with the highest level of quality, at Protech we have developed a comprehensive management, surveillance and control system that complies with current regulations and guarantees that workers enjoy the best possible conditions in the execution of any type of work.

Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá Antoni Gurrera

I've always thought that building is much more than constructing walls and narrowing spaces. To build is to create, it is to fulfil people's desires and dreams. At Ferrá Tur, we are very clear that the most important thing when approaching a project is the quality and total satisfaction of the person who orders the project. In order to carry it out, and to be able to meet the expectations of our customers, we have a spectacular human and professional team, always ready to grow, adapt and improve.

Antoni Gurrera – CEO at Ferrá Tur

Our Team

Ana Ferrá


tlf. +34 971 699 606

As president of the group, I feel a real passion for my work and I am fascinated by the idea of helping to create, refurbish and maintain new spaces where people live, live together, work or have fun.


You can contact Grupo Ferrá in the followig ways:



tlf: +34 971 699 606 (Mallorca) +34 871 515 285 (Delegación Ibiza)



Carrer Madalena, 1, 07180, Santa Ponça


Monday to Friday: 9:00h – 18:00h

Mallorca Platinum Grupo Ferrá

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