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The Leading Mortgage Experts in Mallorca
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Our history

We are an international team of professionals with outstanding experience in the Spanish banking industry, who understand that every client is different and who do everything possible to ensure each and every client maximises their savings by obtaining the best possible mortgage or financial solution at all times.

No matter what stage of the purchase process you are at, our team can help you. From the initial point of contact a professional relationship is formed, built on trust, knowledge and personal service.

Helping to optimize your investment, the Lionsgate Capital team will ensure a smooth and efficient process whilst saving you substantial time, effort and money.

Why Lionsgate Capital?

Investing in property in Spain can be very different to investing in property in other countries, therefore it is very important you have all the relevant information to be able to make the best decision for your purchase. Our team will inform you on how you can optimise your property purchase, saving substantial funds as well as much valued time and effort!

Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital
Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital

Buying Cash vs. Financing

When buying a home, it is very important to make the right decision on how to purchase. One of them is whether to buy with cash or to finance the purchase with a mortgage. Nowadays it makes sense for everyone to mortgage and following are the 4 main reasons why:

1. Wealth Tax Optimization

Many people are not aware of the tax implications in Spain and how financing can help reduce these taxes. The wealth tax in Spain can range between 0,28% and 3,45% of the value of the property and must be paid each year. When the mortgage is in place at the time of purchase it is deductible therefore the wealth tax is reduced, which is an important advantage compared to buying the property with cash.

2. Interest Rates are at a Historic Low

The Euribor continues in negative values. Never has it been so cheap to borrow money today and most clients maximize their investment by mortgaging as much as possible!

3. Asset Diversification

By mortgaging you will not tie your money in a single asset, allowing you to invest in other areas to maximize your liquidity and diversify your portfolio accordingly, being able to generate higher returns whilst paying a low interest rate on the mortgage.

4. Maintaining Liquidity

Unlike in other countries, in Spain it is very difficult to obtain a mortgage / release equity from the property after the purchase, therefore it is important the mortgage is in place at the time of purchase, to maintain liquidity and be able to diversify your investments.

Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital

Mortgages and banks in Spain versus other countries

Buying a property in a foreign country can be a challenge, with language barriers and of course the very different financial process which exists in Spain compared to other countries. Although you probably understand mortgages and the banking system in your country, Spain can be very different to your country of tax residence. In Spain each bank offers very different terms and conditions, therefore it is very important you obtain the best mortgage that matches your profile, preferences, and circumstances at the time of purchase.

Our Expertise

Our clients are from all nationalities and tax residences. One of the challenges we enjoy the most is working with clients from all over the world to help make the purchase of a home in Spain possible.

Our experience enables us to study all applications, from straightforward applications to complex and high-net-worth clients’ applications as we have experience in understanding all types of structures to help all our clients obtain the best results.

We are one contact for over 30 banks, and trust and discretion form an integral part of how our team works.

Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital Juanita Casanas

I am the co-founder of Lionsgate Capital. Born in the UK and raised in Marbella, Spain, I have over 20 years of Management experience working in many countries on various continents. Before becoming President of Lionsgate Capital I was a Bank Director for many years. Due to the consistent high-level of service maintained, clients and business associates continue to recommend us to their contemporaries worldwide. My goal at Lionsgate Capital is to create unparalleled solutions for the most demanding clients and creating value through service, making Lionsgate Capital the major player for financing in the Balearics Islands.

Juanita Casanas – President

Our Team

Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital Tanja Pohlmann

Tanja Pohlmann


tel. +34 971 100 637

First contact for clients as well as for collaboration partners.

Sabine Stimming


tel. +34 971 100 637

15 years in the banking sector. 

Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital Sabine Stimming
Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital Eva Llinars

Eva Llinars


tel. +34 971 100 637

21 years in the banking sector.


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Mallorca Platinum Lionsgate Capital

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